Moments to have, Memories to hold

Dayton-based Traveling Wedding Photographer

Remember your relationship firsts?

You know, those times you look back on. The ones that tug at your heartstrings.
Maybe it's the first time you met, or your (only slightly) awkward first date.
What about your first kiss? Or the first time you heard, "I love you."
Or was it when you heard those four little words:

"Will  you marry me?"

Unless you have photos of every one of those moments, all you have are memories that grow dimmer with time. 

When it comes to your wedding day, I want to preserve those beautiful memories for you. Moments you can look back on for years to come. 

Memories that never fade away. 

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Two things give me goosebumps:

The first: when I hear amazing classical music. I mean, Billie Eilish is fabulous, but have you ever jammed out to Gustav Holst? No? Oh, just you wait.

The second is a moment suspended in time. As a photographer, I see indescribable emotion in couples, families, and all the joy that comes with a celebration. But sometimes there's a moment, so singular and spontaneous, that I realize I've become the sole caretaker of that brief and delicate treasure.

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Look back with love.

The wedding planning process can be mystifying or just downright exhausting. Trust me, I understand.

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My profession is about people. I'm not just a photographer. I'm your cheerleader, your helping hand, your - distract the mother-of-the-bride for ten minutes while the bride has a moment to herself - person. 

It's awe-inspiring to be part of this brief moment in time with you. 

"These photos are more than we could have ever imagined. They are seriously amazing. You were amazing to work with all throughout the process and we loved having you there with us. Thank you so so much for all of your time, hard work, and generosity." 

Holly + Ian

Van Wert, OH Wedding