Ohio born. Delphos bred.

Loves a good corny joke.

There, I said it. I said it, and I'm not taking it back. Corny jokes are great. Not to mention, they're the best tool for dissolving stress in any given situation.

As an Ohio native, I grew up in a small town called Delphos. For as far back as I can remember, I wanted my career to be in a creative field. In high school, I was a huge "band nerd." Still to this day I love closing my eyes and taking in a story of musical notes (here come those goosebumps.) I figured anything I did would be musically inclined.

But in my junior year, I joined the yearbook club. After my first few clicks--wow--I was hooked. I began photographing talent shows and basketball games, which built my love for being present, being part of that vivid memory-keeping experience. 

After high school, I moved to Dayton and attended the School of Advertising Art (now The Modern College of Design.) For five years, I worked with various local businesses as a graphic designer, exploring yet another creative pursuit, while shooting weddings.

Now, almost four years and 70+ weddings later, I'm in love with my "job" and can't wait for the next adventure (and opportunity to utilize my joke repertoire, obviously.)

Hogwarts House


Favorite Color

Cats or Dogs

Guilty Pleasure

Favorite Person


Introverted Extrovert

Navy Blue. Seriously, half of my closet is navy blue.

Both! But I'm currently the servant of two cats and two dogs. One cat was found under the hood of my husband's Prius. We named her Charlie, but he still calls her Priuscat :)

Taking the long way, so I can enjoy a scenic view on country roads.

My husband! He's also my best friend, cheerleader, fellow traveler, and co-cat servant.

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More About KWP

I love thinking back to the first time I jumped into wedding photography: a Canon Rebel T3i in hand and my eyes open to the beautiful dynamic scenes playing out in front of me. Just imagine fireworks going off in your heart--that's how it felt shooting my first wedding. It was like passion and purpose finally meeting each other.

After my own experience with a wedding photographer, I knew exactly the kind of atmosphere a couple deserves, how they should be treated, and how this momentous occasion should be approached. So, I launched my business officially in 2017.

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