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Feel free in your own skin with KWP Boudoir Photography and experience another side of your gorgeous self.

Ooo, I’m interested! 

Sexy, empowered, confident, motivated—there’s a variety of reasons to let that sultry part of yourself shine through. But out of all of them, the most important feeling is freedom.

Let go of your inhibitions and everyday notions. Do what feels good for you.

Open your mind to more of your beautiful angles.

Whether you’re creating a special keepsake for yourself or a significant other, you’re guaranteed to have a fun you-focused session that’ll make you blush (in a good way)

KWP Boudoir Photography is a luxury package that gives you the opportunity to let go with an unforgettable uplifting experience. Not to mention, special photos you’ll love

What makes for a fun, engaging boudoir shoot? Comfort.

And yes, that’s bound to include jokes, stories, music, and lols along the way.  
I know how special this intimate session is. You’re revealing a unique, exclusive side of yourself. As a photographer, I’m honored to preserve it for you.

Whether you’re ready to jump in from the get-go, or you need to loosen up some nerves, you’re guaranteed to encounter a relaxed, freeing atmosphere as soon as you enter my studio.

Gaining confidence isn’t my only hope for you (but if you find it—yeah girl!). Instead, I hope you begin your journey to self-love or use this experience to remind yourself how truly amazing you are.

Just embrace yourself. I’ll be there to help.

The KWP studio, located in one of Downtown Dayton’s historic warehouses, boasts two spacious settings for you to choose from: a bright, airy space to help you shine, and a natural, rustic backdrop with exposed brick and exquisite lighting.

Shine comfortably in Downtown Dayton.

Beauty in the process.

From beginning to end, your boudoir session is handled with care, comfort, and the potential of making a new friend along the way—that hidden you. (And me too, of course!)


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send me a note.

No need to be shy. Fill out the form below and I’ll respond to your inquiry in 24 hours. If you’re ready to move forward, we’ll set up a time to chat about your session.


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chat & prep.

Comfort starts with having all the info. With your choice of phone or Zoom call, we’ll ease into the process with a kick-off convo about your vision, what to expect, and how to prepare. I love these convos, we can chat about what you want to wear, inspo for your session, and your thoughts going in. That’ll help get the studio prepped and ready to go with good vibes as soon as you arrive.


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the fun part.

Let’s tease out your inner beauty. Once you arrive at the studio, you’ll have time to set out your look, change, relax, and slip into our first clicks. During your session, I’ll guide you through your poses at a gentle pace. Have an idea for a pose? Let’s do it!


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reveal & celebrate

See another beautiful, unique side of yourself. After your shoot, we’ll do a follow-up reveal of your digital photos. Choose which ones you’d like to include in your book and you’ll receive the final product in about 4-6 weeks.  

1 - Hour Studio Session
Online Gallery
Digital Downloads
Print Release
8x8 Photo Book


Boudoir Package Investment

Do I have to be confident to do boudoir photography?

Nope! Confidence is not a requirement to do a boudoir shoot. Often, some clients feel like they have to be ultra-confident to do something like this. But confidence is unique to everyone and it’s found in a variety of ways. Boudoir photography, at the very least, tells that hidden gorgeous you a “Hey! You definitely have a reason to be confident!”

What should I wear?

Wear whatever makes you feel good—lingerie, a button-down shirt, or nothing at all. During our chat, we’ll talk about your vision and what you see yourself wearing. Afterward, you’ll receive a style guide that’ll give you more info on what to consider when choosing your outfits.

When should I book if I’m gifting these photos to someone?

A gift of boudoir photos is so special! If you’re gifting these photos with a set date or occasion in mind, such as a wedding, holiday, birthday, or anniversary, be sure to book 3 months in advance of that date to ensure enough time for the shoot, development, printing, and book creation.

Are hair and makeup styling included?

I’d LOVE to offer styling in the future. But for now, hair and makeup should be done on your own before coming to the studio. 

What if I don’t know how to pose?

No worries! I got you. Apart from any pose ideas you might have, I’ll guide you through poses that’ll not only put you in the most flattering light but accentuate and celebrate your curves and style.

I’m going to be SO nervous. How can I calm my nerves before the session?

Great question! If your nervous before a shoot, the best way to calm them is by doing activities that relax you. Since the session is about you, make a day of it! Treat yourself to a mani-pedi, a spa visit, blow-out, or whatever relaxes you. We’ll kick off your session with a champagne toast, but feel free to bring your favorite wine as well!

When can I expect to receive my photos?

After your shoot, you can expect to receive your photos in 4-6 weeks.

Who can do this?

Anyone! And that’s beautiful in itself. Regardless of age, size, shape, reason, or season, anyone can celebrate themselves through boudoir photography.

How do you schedule boudoir sessions?

Boudoir shoots are scheduled during the week, in the morning and evening to take into account lighting and season. Morning sessions start around 9:00 am. Evening sessions begin around 6:30 pm.

frequently asked questions

Girl, you’re gorgeous.

Your most beautiful self radiates from within. Boudoir photography is one of the best ways for that inner beauty to shine through. Plus! It’s another reason to love yourself a lil’ bit more. 

I can’t wait for you to experience it.



let's do this!